Friday, September 18, 2009

Musk duck (Biziura lobata)

A male musk duck at Herdsman Lake.
Musk ducks are only found in Australia!

The male has a large lobe of skin under its bill.
The female has a smaller lobe of skin which is not easily seen from a distance.

The strange-looking fanned tail of the musk duck. In Australia, only musk ducks and blue-billed ducks have such fanned tails (Oxyura asutralis).

Musk ducks are clumsy on land, don't seem to fly much, and prefer to dive when disturbed. They are good divers and find most of their food underwater, mainly animals, including insects, fish and frogs.

The male musk duck fans its spiny-looking tail feathers and inflates the lobe of skin beneath its bill, among other things, during a coutship display. The act apparently will help him win a beauty!

Musk duck (
Birds in Backyards - Musk duck


Anonymous said...

photos taken with your new camera? Nice..

Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Well, not the new camera. I am still learning the settings on the new camera.

I have taken some photos at Kings Park today but the quality was not as good as expected. It will take a while before I can get the best from it I think : )

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