Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birds in my neighborhood

I went cycling around my neighborhood yesterday taking my camera with me and took a few nice shots.

The shot I like very much is that of two galahs (Cacatua roseicapilla) grazing on the ground, surrounded by yellow and white little flowers. Galahs forage on the ground for seeds.

Male and female galahs look very similar. The female has red eyes, while the male has dark brown eyes. Galahs mate for life. A galah will only find a new partner when the other one dies.

I also saw quite a number of red wattlebirds (Anthochaera carnunculata). This bird is common on the UWA campus and also in my neighborhood. It is a honeyeater but it also eats insects.

The bird gets its name from the two fleshy red wattles (two small red flaps of skin) under its ears.

1. Birds in Backyards - Galah
2. Birds in Backyards - Red wattlebird

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