Sunday, October 12, 2008

More black swans

My bike riding with friends on Saturday turned out to be a rare meet-the-black-swans experience.

Shortly after we left the black swan with cygnets, we saw more adult black swans on the river - ten of them! It's no doubt the first time I have seen such a large group of them.

By the way, I think it would be nice to show you the guys whom I went riding with.

From the left: Sharif (Bangladeshi), William (Indonesian Chinese), Me (Malaysian Chinese), Hung Chi (Taiwanese). (In the background stands the Burswood Entertainment Complex.) Everyone had a good ride, although our backsides probably didn't like it that much.

For the sake of record, we rode for about 3 hours (not continuously though) and possibly 20 km or more based on the map.

The route we took: Matilda Bay, near UWA (start point) - the Swan Bells - Point Fraser - crossed the Causeway - Heirisson Island - back to Point Fraser - continued along the river - the WACA Oval - Peace Grove, East Perth - Graham Farmer Freeway - Belmont Park Golf Course - Burswood - Mends Street jetty - continued along the South Perth esplanade - crossed Kwinana Freeway - Mounts Bay Road - UWA.

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