Saturday, October 4, 2008

Heirisson Island in the Swan River

I cycled to Heirisson Island this morning. The island in the Swan River is small but there you will see some western grey kangaroos (who were "introduced" there) (see Wikipedia). And I saw a group of pelicans too.

The first line says Visitors are advised that feeding and handling the kangaroos are prohibited.

These ones say "no fishing" and "no dogs".
And "don't give the kangaroo your burger"!

The island is connected to other parts of Perth City via a causeway. So I suppose there is really a need to keep the kangaroos in captivity, lest they make their way to the causeway and get hit by cars.

Isn't that nice to have kangaroos living right in the middle of our city!

When you see the sign saying "don't touch the animals", you will bet that someone will do it.

I found a few (?) lakes on the island. They look so pretty - at least in the photos.

And the lakes don't look boring because of these beautiful creatures. I love to see pelicans just like I like to see stingrays when snorkeling. They are both big enough to spot from a distance and to take shots of.

Heirisson Island is so near to where I live. It's about 30 minutes by bike I think. And when you get there, you can choose to explore the island on foot because of its small size.

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Denis Wilson said...

Hi Chai

You are right about WA Kangaroos having brown fur.