Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heirisson Island in the Swan River (III)

Today, I visited the Heirisson Island for the third time in a month.

I was lucky (or rather my three friends and I were lucky) as we found four kangaroos all in the same spot. In each of my previous visits, I only saw three kangaroos. And as before the roos were really friendly and not camera-shy at all.

It is a nice experience to get so close to (within inches from) the roos. You probably won't get to do that even in the zoo. While you could can do the same in some parks, you would probably have to pay for an entrance fee.

I could even get a macro shot of their fur. That tells you how close you can get to the roos.

The only thing about the roos here is that you have to find them. Unlike kangaroos in a pen, the roos on the island won't stay in one same location waiting for the tourists. About one-third of the island is their home, so they can go anywhere they like. But of course, after three visits, I think I have already got an idea where would be the best spots to look for them.

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