Monday, October 6, 2008

Heirisson Island in the Swan River (II)

I returned to the island the next day with a friend.

This time, we were greeted by a really friendly kangaroo, who actually led us to two other kangaroos on the island. Unbelievable!

Out "tour guide"

The other two kangaroos having a rest in the shade

Our tour guide stayed around while we were taking photos with the other two kangaroos. And when we came back to it, it was happy to pose for us too. It was as if it had been trained to meet visitors.

Naturally I took the chance to take some close-up photos of it.

And again, I took a few snaps of the lakes before we left.


bathmate said...

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Hannover said...

I lived 3 years in Perth and Freo and have never been to this island, to be honest never knew of the existance until I stumbled onto your blog.
Thanks for posting the pics, worth a visit next time I'be in WA with my son.