Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thoughts (3) - Knowledge for personal satisfaction

I enjoy photography and blogging. I can spend the whole afternoon just reading up to write a post. I am even happy to sit on public transport for hours to get to places to take photos. To some people in my everyday life, I am STRANGE!

The first questions I get when some people hear about my hobbies (or possibly obsessions by now) include "Can you make money from it?" or "Its great someone used your photos; did they pay you?" Duh, I would expect responses like "Wow! You must feel a great sense of achievement!"

You see the people I see every day can be generally divided into the realistic camp and the romantic camp. I am a member of the latter, maybe a leader of it soon. I seriously believe that it's perfectly fine to do something not for money, but for learning more about nature or even about myself. And uploading photos to a conservation website (for free, that is) is fine. Learning something that is not useful at work is fine too. It doesn't have to be about money and material gains all the time. OK, you might think that I am the son of a billionaire and life is always easy for me. I can tell you the answer is No - although it would be nice if I were one. I am just one curious being - probably not smart enough to become a great scientists but certainly wise enough by now to know that life is not just about money and work. There is more to life! It is difficult to convince people I know that this is the case but I hope that they will find their way to realizing this one day.

Anyway, doesn't anyone care about personal satisfaction and acquiring knowledge for the sake of knowledge anymore?

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