Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spring in the John Forrest National Park

I have been scratching my head about what to write next. When I browsed through my image collection again, I realized that I have some nice photos which I took in the John Forrest National Park last October. So I thought, Well, I have already put up posts about spring in UWA, Kings Park bushland and the Araluen Botanic Garden, why not another one. So I put up this one.

The John Forrest National Park is the oldest national park in Western Australia, and the second oldest in Australia (Wikipedia). It is accessible by bus from Perth, but you would still want to have a car or at least a motorcycle in order to explore the park. I walked. And so I only managed to see part of it. But because I enjoy taking photos, it still wasn't a waste of time.

I noticed that wherever you turn, you would always see some grass trees.

Perth's tallest (?) buildings on the horizon

I don't quite know the names of all these plants. But taking photos of them was enjoyable. And I marveled at their beauty and diversity. That should be enough. One thing I have learnt after blogging for some time is that the whole process should be fun and I am not going to stress myself out trying to find the name of every single thing I photograph. When blogging starts to feel like working, I think it's time to quit.


Matrika said...

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