Thursday, August 28, 2008

River Vasse and wetlands of Busselton, Western Australia

Last October, after living more that a year in Perth, I have finally gathered enough confidence and motivation to explore Western Australia on my own. Unlike some of my friends I have no problems at all traveling on my own. Its advantage is that I can plan everything to suit myself and change my plan as I wish . The drawback is of course, I will end up with very few photos of myself. Anyway, I think you have to be confident enough about your safety to travel alone. You must be able to enjoy your own company too. The latter is not easy to many.

So I went to Busselton last October. To me, the biggest attraction of Busselton is the beach. But during my stay there, I found that the Vasse River that flows through the center of Busselton and the wetland of Busselton are great places to visit if you like taking photos.

This wooden plank near the river tells the story about the French sailor after whom the river was named.

The water in the river was quite still. I never like still waters although I must say that their mirror effect looks good on a photo.

And a sign by the river says danger! The sign says don't drink and don't swim. So, you can imagine the conditions of the river.

These nearby waters were connected to the river I think. A good spot for birdwatching. Too bad I didn't have any binoculars with me.

From the river, I went on to see the wetland. Again, a good spot for birdwatching and taking photos. Although the water was probably housing some snakes or worms (both of which freak me out), doesn't the place look gorgeous on photos!


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