Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spring is already here - on my blog!

Well, it is now winter in Perth, WA. And it's bloody cold! Every day, when I sit at my desk, I can feel the right side of my body getting colder than the other. (Don't worry, I'm not dying; somebody told me it's my blood circulation.) And I just don't feel like getting up in the morning anymore. Not like when it was summer.

So, to give myself a virtual break from the cold, I have decided to put up some photos I took in spring 2006 in the Kings Park Bushland. My first spring in Perth!

The bushland is pretty dull during winter. You just see green. But come spring, wild flowers just appear everywhere.

Gosh, this one looks so Chinesey, like those that we would use to decorate our homes during the Chinese New Year.

This one looks like an orchid.

This one is simple but pretty.

After reading the above comments, you know that I am not a flower person. But I do know that this one is a kangaroo paw. I haven already seen many of them flowering and preparing to bloom when I visited the bushland last Sunday.

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