Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A UWA spring

Having done a post on the Araluen spring, and the Kings Park's spring, I'm now doing one on a UWA spring.

This is a sample of what was awaiting flower lovers and macro photography junkies on one spring morning on campus.

These photos were taken on 17 September 2006.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Andrew Peacock has died

Earlier on, I had a post about the peacocks that live on campus.

It came as a surprise today as I read the May edition of UWA News (page 13) that actually, one of the peacocks - Andrew the peacock - was already gone before I put the post up. He was put down after suffering a bad leg injury from a dog attack.

Thoughts (1)

I am beginning to to believe more and more strongly that only people who are capable of a functional life outside their PhD should enroll into one.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

An Araluenian spring

Forget it, you won't find araluenian in the dictionary. What I meant by the title is spring in the Araluen Botanic Park. I visited the park two springs ago with friends. That was the first time I saw so many tulips in my life. Someone there told us they had thousand of tulips in the park!

Well, if you are in Perth this winter, I would suggest you go for an Araluenian spring in addition to visiting the Kings Park Wildflower Fest.

Spring is already here - on my blog!

Well, it is now winter in Perth, WA. And it's bloody cold! Every day, when I sit at my desk, I can feel the right side of my body getting colder than the other. (Don't worry, I'm not dying; somebody told me it's my blood circulation.) And I just don't feel like getting up in the morning anymore. Not like when it was summer.

So, to give myself a virtual break from the cold, I have decided to put up some photos I took in spring 2006 in the Kings Park Bushland. My first spring in Perth!

The bushland is pretty dull during winter. You just see green. But come spring, wild flowers just appear everywhere.

Gosh, this one looks so Chinesey, like those that we would use to decorate our homes during the Chinese New Year.

This one looks like an orchid.

This one is simple but pretty.

After reading the above comments, you know that I am not a flower person. But I do know that this one is a kangaroo paw. I haven already seen many of them flowering and preparing to bloom when I visited the bushland last Sunday.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birds that go to university

Everyone, including birds, has a right to receive university education!

These are two members of the muster (?) of peacocks that do more than going to uni - they live on campus! They are members of the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences : ) And mind you, they are not just some peacocks! These guys have names.

The mudlark was probably doing a PhD, he looked unhappy and deep in thought.
The kookaburra and the unknown probably just came to the uni to hang out with their mates. They didn't look worried.

These parrots (?) loved Sunday schools! I have seen them twice only on Sundays. They looked like some conscientious and independent students who could work on their own without needing much guidance. They must be thinking hard trying to solve some difficult mathematics at the moment.

These ducks simply couldn't wait for their graduation ceremony anymore. They keep waiting outside the Winthrop Hall (where the ceremony will be) day after day.

Bored of waiting, some started to play "let's see who looks more like a glob than a duck"!

Friday, July 18, 2008

More on the UWA Taxonomy Garden

My favorite

I photographed these because they looked nice, not because I know their names or that I would be bothered to find out : )
Still I think I have got a very solid reason to take the photos.
These were taken in early March 2006.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

First post!

No, I am not addicted to blogging. And no, I am not thinking of making a living out of blogging. This is my second photo blog, and it will be different from the first one. This one will document what I see or do when I am out of water. Or rather, when I can't hit the water :(

This photo was taken early March 2006 at the UWA School of Plant Biology taxonomy garden. That was about week two or three upon my arrival in Perth. During the weekends, having no one to hang out with and still being intimidated by the foreign environment, I spent quite some time exploring the campus and taking photos.

And it's been two years now. How time flies.