Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cloudy skies

Over the past few weeks, I have somehow developed a liking for photos with a cloudy sky background. I now find clear blue skies in photos kind of boring. So in this post, I will show you some photos with at least some clouds in the skies.

Castillo de Bellver - a 700-year-old castle in Mallorca, Spain

A building in the city center of Palma, Mallorca

La Seu Cathedral in Palma, Mallorca

The Almudaina Palace which is standing right next to La Seu Cathedral

Cloudy evening skies over the Swan River

A beautiful cloudy afternoon where I live - you can see the Swan River in the photo

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swan River on a November afternoon

I went riding along the Swan River this afternoon and saw some kite surfers and windsurfers on the river, having a good time. I love the colours of those kites.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Chapel of Bones, Evora, Portugal

Reader alert:
(1) This post contains images that may be upsetting to some readers!
(2) This post has nothing to do with animals, plants or nature, except perhaps human nature.

The Chapel of Bones was the most unforgettable place I have ever visited during my stay in Portugal.

Message at the entrance - "We bones that are here, we are waiting for yours."

More info can be found in Wikipedia.

"The interior...solemn, gloomy, and tragic atmosphere..." - I couldn't agree more. Definitely not a place I want to visit at night.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gardens in the Changi International Airport

Despite my little experience in flying, I have seen airports in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Zurich, Lisbon, Mallorca, and Perth, Western Australia. Of all these airports, the one I like best is the Singapore Changi International Airport.

The first reason is definitely because I could get free access to the Internet!

Secondly, the airport is not boring at all. Entertainment and other facilities aside, I have really enjoyed visiting the gardens that they have in their airport.

When I walked around in the airport, I could see that they really made the airport pretty. I found these two spots where they put up some floral decorations for Deepavali.

In the airport, orchids were everywhere. If you don't know, the national flower of Singapore is an orchid called Vanda Miss Joaquim.

There is a rooftop sunflower garden. It was raining that afternoon, so I decided to only admire the sunflowers from a distance.

There is also a rooftop cactus garden.

There must be 30 or even more cactus species in the garden.

The orchid garden is the one I liked best. All those colors were so pleasing to the eye.

There is also a fern garden in the airport.

And a small pond with some Japanese koi in it.

They also have a few other gardens, e.g. the butterfly garden, which I didn't visit because I was running out of time.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Peacocks of Jardim Publico, Evora

I was in Evora, Portugal, two days ago and visited a garden called Jardim Publico. I took some photos in the garden and was quite glad to see some peacocks there.

The statue of Vasco Da Gama, a Portugese explorer

If I am not mistaken, this is the Galeria das Damas. There was a physics exhibition in there when I visited the garden.

Remnants of the Palacio da Dom Manuel

There also live about 20 peacocks. Some of them have really stunning plumage.